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Vitezslava Kapralova, composer



Vitĕszlava Kaprálová  (1915-1940) was born in Brno in Moravia, in what was part of theAustro-Hungarian empire; the daughter of a composer and a singer, she died of tuberculosis in exile in Montpellier, France, on the eve of the Nazi invasion of Paris and shortly after her marriage to writer Jiří Mucha.  A child prodigy and world-class talent, she studied composition and conducting with Nadia Boulanger, Charles Munch, and family friend, Bohuslav Martinů—whose mistress she was for a time—conducted the BBC Orchestra and Czech Philharmonic among other orchestras, all to critical acclaim, and was posthumously granted membership in the Czech Academy of Arts and Sciences.  A poet herself, Kaprálová is said to have loved composing songs, which are some of her finest compositions, in an accomplished body of work astonishingly extensive for a composer who only lived to the age of 25. 

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