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Rose Auslaender, poet

(1901-1988), née Rosalie Beatrice Scherzer) was born in Bucovina, Czernowitz on what is today roughly the Ukranian/ Romanian border. After two years in the Czernowitz ghetto from 1941-3, she spent a third year in hiding to avoid deportation to the death camps, becoming one of only 5,000 of 60,000 Czernowitz Jews to survive the Holocaust. Granted American citizenship twice in her lifetime, Ausländer wrote only in English for roughly a decade. She moved to Germany in the 1960s, where she became bedridden with arthritis for the last decade of her life, able only to dictate her poems. Her story, like Kalèko’s is one of exile and emigration and her spare, expressive writing evokes both beauty and horror.