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Bruce Nalezny

Composer Bruce Nalezny (b. 1948) resides in Berkeley, CA with his wife, French pianist, Annie Devize-Nalezny. He has been composing since the age of seven, when he began learning to the play the piano and the organ.  After graduating from UC Berkeley in 1971, he began his career as a freelance musician and piano broker. His compositions have won praise from such notables as the French musicologist Jacques Chailley who observed that in Bruce’s music “classical harmonic tradition and contemporary musical expression are as one” and Christian Manen, professor at the Paris Conservatory, who described Bruce’s work as “profoundly inspired music”.  Besides overseeing the direction of his company “Piano Gallery,” Bruce is active as a pianist and composer and has lived periodically in Paris, France, where he has held positions in numerous municipal and private conservatories and schools. Writing about a group of Bruce Nalezny’s songs, Sarah Cahill, Bay Area pianist and critic, remarked, “Bruce has such a rare gift for melody, and the piano writing is inventive and elegant...”